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Holiday Club!

Posted on: 04/08/2011


Internal view - Holiday Club in action

Holiday Club in action | Nigel Walter


Each year in the first week of the summer holidays Histon Baptist church hosts a Holiday Club, with over 200 children attending activities each morning. This year was the first time the holiday club had been held Holiday Club bannersince the reordering works were completed. The newly created flexibility of the space has made a huge difference for activities such as this.

“The Baptist Church re-ordering made for a much warmer, user friendly space. It felt open, light and warm yet retained a feeling of intimacy. With a group of over 200 children it gave us much needed flexibility for both all together times and small group times. For us, it is an excellent change.”  Tim Blake, Leader

This is a great example of the additional value you can add to a space with an imaginative reordering – the space simply couldn’t be used in the same way in its old format.

…and outside

The space in front of Histon Baptist Church

Histon Baptist Church during the Holiday Club Barbeque | Nigel Walter

The week was rounded off with a final session on Friday afternoon, followed by a barbecue. Parents are invited to come and see what the children have been up to. For a long time the church has had the benefit of a large expanse of open space at the front, which is the perfect setting for the barbecue. This becomes a great space for an open welcome – there are no divisions between the fully public realm of the road and pavement, and the church’s public space of the lawned area.

The Barbecue Crew

The ‘turn and burn’ crew | Nigel Walter

This ‘forecourt’ is a great asset when used for events such as this – it becomes a space of welcome and inclusion, and provides the church as a whole with a much lower ‘threshold of engagement’ with the community.

And in this case there is space for those working hard on the barbeque too…