Project Route Map

4.5 Communication – the Message

vision leafletHaving established your stakeholder map (see section 2.1) you then need to ensure that each group of people on the map get the right amount of timely information about the project that is relevant to them. You can appoint a volunteer on your Building Group to oversee communications both internally within your church family and externally to the various stakeholders.

Add the key moments of communication needed to the Gantt chart (see Section 1.4).

Remember the old adage – “say it five times in five different ways – and people might remember it”! Develop different ways of communication such as:

  • a spoken notice at a Sunday service
  • a visual on a screen at a Sunday service
  • a notice on a noticeboard
  • an email
  • a letter
  • a section on your website
  • your regular newssheet / magazine
  • face to face meetings
  • visit an MP’s surgery
  • texts or calls
  • facebook/twitter or other social networks
  • leaflets, flyers and information packs

Convey the same piece of information in a variety of ways and that will give you the best chance of communicating the latest news to everyone. Keeping people informed will help people engage and keep momentum on a project that will be likely to take years. Poor communication leads to a loss of momentum and often a loss of funding enthusiasm.

TIP: Don’t forget that new people may be joining your church every few months – plan how you will get them up to speed with the project and get their engagement…