Project Route Map

BfM Contents

Section A Contextpart-A-context

A1 Here We Stand
A2 Church Buildings − the Essentials
A3 Whose Building is it Anyway?
A4 Specially for Clergy
A5 Buildings at Risk
A6 ‘Buildings, Blooming Buildings’
A7 Viable and Sustainable Churches
A8 The Church in Numbers
A9 ABC of Church Structures
A10 What Can We Do About It?

Section B Practicalitiespart-B-Practicalities

B1 What Sort of Old?
B2 Rubble Sandwiches – Traditional Wall Construction
B3 Dry Hat and Boots
B4 Damp and Moisture Control
B5 The Wonderful World of Seating
B6 Fonts and Baptistries
B7 Multimedia
B8 Heating Basics
B9 Energy Efficiency
B10 New Heating Systems
B11 Lighting – Strategies and Issues
B12 Routes for Services
B13 Kitchens and WCs – the Essentials
B14 Bats
B15 Timber Decay
B16 Maintenance
B17 Asset Management Plans
B18 The Church-Carer’s Calendar
B19 Accessibility
B20 Health and Safety − General
B21 Health and Safety for Building Projects
B22 Mr FixIt or Mr BodgeIt

Section C Principlespart-C-Principles

C1 Future Survival
C2 Sacred Place, Holy Ground
C3 Working with Places of Worship
C4 The Moment of Truth
C5 Serving People − Four Modes of Operation
C6 Conservation
C7 Open, Welcoming and Accepting
C8 Interpretation
C9 God and Community

Section D Processpart-D-Process

D1 Making Changes
D2 How to Write a Statement of Significance
D3 Public Engagement
D4 Consensus Building − Some Resources
D5 Needs Analysis
D6 How to Write a Statement of Needs
D7 How to Organize Yourselves
D8 Ecclesiastical Exemption
D9 They Think It’s All Over …
D10 Friends’ Groups
D11 Fundraising

Section E Projectspart-E-Projects

E1 Practical Examples
E2 Re-orderings
E3 Extensions
E4 Community Use
E5 Kitchens and WCs
E6 New Churches

Section F And Finally …part-F-and finally

F1 Afterword – Our Heritage
F2 Organizations and Contacts
F3 Bibliography

Section G Appendixpart-G-appendix

G1 Healthcheck
G2 Pizzamat
G3 Church Buildings Audit