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coventry app screenshot - namecoventry app screenshot - trailsThose of you interested in how technology can help tell stories may be interested in the new app that will shortly be released for Coventry Cathedral. There are versions for iOS and Android.

The app is one in a growing series produced by the wonderful people at Christianity and Culture in York. What C&C are so good at is providing content that is well researched, compellingly presented and also (if you are interested) spiritually throught-provoking.

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The The initial feel of the app is very good, with easy navigation and engaging content. The menu page provides a number of ways to access the material. From the trails section you can choose one of the following four themes:

  • The three cathedrals that have occupied the site;
  • Art and Architecture – focusing more on the features of the building;
  • Pilgrim Trail – which gives you more of the faith content;
  • Explore – a more general guide including most of the above.

I particularly liked the audio bit – giving a feel for the acoustic of the second cathedral before it was destroyed by bombing in 1940. I tested the app out on site at Coventry a couple of weeks ago, and it worked well – certainly better than the audio tours, which you have to return to the desk before you’ve had a chance to listen to the information that relates to the outside of the building! And the app is great because you can download it and explore the building before you visit, which makes the experience while you are there all the richer and less hurried.

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Visitors and Pilgrims

Why does this matter? Because there are lots of people who are drawn towards our church buildings who would not identify themselves as Christian. Interpretive materials such as these teach us all more of the story of these buildings, but particularly they open them up to the visitor in a way that printed materials cannot. They are part of our welcome, and perhaps the beginning of a conversation that may see some that come as visitors leaving as pilgrims.

Why not download the app and explore for yourself? The app is due for an official launch by the Cathedral, but until then C&C would appreciate any feedback on glitches, or suggestions. They can be contacted by emailing the C&C office.

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